John Mayer Releases “Who Says” Music Video


John Mayer just debuted the music video for his single, “Who Says” off his upcoming album “Battle Studios,” which is scheduled for a November 17 release date.

Basically the entire video is a montage of John Mayer living what I’m assuming to be his everyday sexy life. However, John Mayer tries to point out that the song is more insightful than just being about smoking marijuana like a cigarette.

Mayer recently explained to MTV that “Who Says,” “sort of plays with your perception a little bit… If you stay with the song long enough, then you start to realize it’s not about marijuana. It’s actually about freedom and living your life. As for me, it was like, this is a cool little song. I’m going to use it to tell people to sit down and shut the eff up […] and let me buy you a beer.”

In related news, John Mayer recently had an impromptu interview with NY Mag. In the interview, which covers Mayer’s opinion on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and health care, Mayer calls the interviewer a moron a handful of times. Le sigh, I wish John Mayer would call me a moron because then it would mean John Mayer was talking to me…Dreamy eyes…