John Galliano Is Winning, According To Charlie Sheen


The Fall 2011 John Galliano presentation quietly went on this weekend in Paris, and for those of you who would rather not recognize or celebrate the designer for his latest collection, Saturday Night Live did a pretty good job of making a mockery out of him. On this week’s opening sketch, the French fashion legend was a guest on Charlie Sheen‘s new talk show, Duh! Winning!, to discuss getting fired from Christian Dior.

When the host asks Gallianowho he considers to be a “bitchin’ rockstar”to name three awesome things about himself, he replies, “I have no ugly friends, I dress like a methed-out Musketeer, and I’ve got a mustache that whispers, ‘I’m a bad person.'” I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Galliano is “winning” after last week’s events, but this hilarious clip is certainly worth a watch.

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