Joey King Admits Working With Ex Jacob Elordi On ‘Kissing Booth 2’ Was A ‘Wild’ Experience

Kim Wong-Shing
Joey King and Jacob Elordi of Kissing Booth 2
Photo: Netflix.

Kissing Booth 2 is hitting Netflix soon, and we cannot wait. But the new rom-com sequel didn’t come easily. Stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi broke up well before filming began, which made the entire filming process pretty “wild,” in Joey King’s words. Joey King’s clue about Kissing Booth 2 with Jacob Elordi is fascinating—we honestly can’t imagine being in such close working quarters with a recent ex!

King and Elordi met on the set of Kissing Booth, which hit Netflix in 2018. They quickly became involved IRL, and they went on to date for over a year. It was all very romantic-seeming—you can’t get a much better meet-cute story than meeting on the set of a literal rom-com. Unfortunately, things went south, and they broke up. (You may also know Elordi from his subsequent project Euphoria, where he met his next rumored girlfriend Zendaya.)

But the breakup didn’t stop the couple from saying “Yes” to a sequel to the movie that generated their real-life love story. Netflix announced a sequel to Kissing Booth 2 on Valentine’s Day 2019, by which time King and Elordi were already reported to have broken up. Elordi confirmed their split in March.

It seems as though filming the movie post-breakup was just as challenging as you’d expect, but it was “totally worth it,” King says. She discussed the topic during an appearance on the podcast “Mood with Lauren Elizabeth.”

“I know what everyone wants to know, of course,” she said of filming the new movie—a pretty clear reference to the Elordi situation, although she didn’t mention him by name. “It was crazy. It was a wild experience. But honestly, it was a really beautiful time. Because I learned a lot about myself and I grew as an actor. I grew as a person on this.”

Re: filming love scenes with her ex, King added that it was “fine” and “good.” She called the process a “sacrifice” and said that it was very much worthwhile for her, simply because she loves Kissing Booth so much.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Noah and Elle—and hopefully any relationship drama stays on-screen!