Joe Jonas: ‘Props to Girls Who Wear Heels to Fashion Week’

Meghan Blalock

Here’s a face you don’t necessarily expect to see at a New York Fashion Week event: Teenage heartthrob Joe Jonas. The 24-year-old member of the now-defunct pop group the Jonas Brothers has been hitting pretty much every major fashion show this week, due in part to his socialite girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler, who’s been on his arm at every step. (Jonas is also contributing hilarious commentary to fashion blog The Cut, which is totally worth a read.)

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We figured that as a bona fide Fashion Week expert, Jonas would probably have an educated opinion to share on the wide range of footwear at Fashion Week: stiletto heels, flats, and snow boots are all stomping around Manhattan at the moment. When we spotted him on the red carpet at the Guess party in Chelsea’s Gallery District, we asked him: Should ladies really be wearing heels when there’s so much snow on the ground?

“Work it out,” Joe told StyleCaster. “I think it’s awesome. I give them props. Look, it can be stupid if you have to walk to where you’re going, but if you’ve got your Uber car or your taxi, you’re fine.”

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His take on Fashion Week shoe choices does come with one exception, however. “I think obviously you want to be comfortable and warm, and I think it’s really bad when I see short short skirts and no jacket,” Joe added. “Just check your coat! You can give the five bucks to check your coat. Take the hit.”

We could not agree more, Joe.

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