Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Shaded Diplo For Ruining Their Wedding

Sophie Turner Joe Jonas.
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They went to the chapel. They got married. They did not ask Diplo to livestream the event. In fact, Diplo ruined Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s wedding. Well, that’s a bit harsh. Though Turner and Jonas weren’t thrilled about their wedding being publicized, they have a good sense of humor about it now. Still, they didn’t exactly want the entire world to see their secret nuptials. And yet, here we are. The Jonas’ surprise Las Vegas nuptials last month were kind of a spur of the moment thing. They’d been planning a lavish summer wedding (presumably in France) but shocked fans when footage of them being married by an Elvis impersonator came out, courtesy of Diplo’s Instagram. Diplo shared footage of the couple walking into the chapel, of Turner walking down the aisle, and basically the entire rest of the ceremony. But Jonas and Turner *did not* ask him to do any of that.

During a radio interview with Capital Breakfast, Jonas made it very clear that Diplo was not the chosen videographer of the evening.

One of the DJs joked that “Diplo ruined it for you,” by posting the entire thing on his Story and outing the secret nuptials. Jonas agreed!

“Yeah, he did ruin it,” Jonas said. “I love Diplo, but he loves his ‘gram more than a 13-year-old. He posts every five seconds. He literally, like, live-streamed with dog face filters.” (He literally put a dog filter on Sophie Turner during her wedding night! We can’t.)

But luckily the newlyweds weren’t actually upset by it at all. It may not have been what they wanted, but that had to enjoy how ridiculous it was. And who can say that DIPLO was the self-appointed videographer of their wedding?

“We just laughed. We loved it,” Jonas explained. “We thought it was ridiculous, and I just love that he was walking into the chapel and he was like, ‘going to hit this wedding real quick,’ [in his Instagram Story].”

Like her husband, Turner wasn’t afraid to throw some shade Diplo’s way too. While on The Graham Norton Show, the Game of Thrones actress confirmed he wasn’t supposed to film. But she made the whole thing very light-hearted.

“Well, we didn’t choose him to be our wedding photographer,” she said. “He just kind of decided to live-streamed it. [What happens in Vegas] doesn’t stay in Vegas.” LOL. Apparently not.

Now Dilpo has responded to Sophie and Joe claiming her runied their wedding with a bit of shade of his own. In an Instagram post aimed at the Joe he said, “the only thing that ‘ruined’ the wedding was your fit.” It looks like Joe is tried of the fauz dramz so he responsed with a simple eye-roll emoji.

joe jonas instagram comment Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Shaded Diplo For Ruining Their Wedding

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In a recent interview, Sophie also revealed that she would have kept her marraige secret for awhile, but Diplo ruined their plans. She told Porter, “Marriage is a private thing between two people and I think that’s how it should always be. It’s not about the dress, it’s not about the food. It’s about being husband and wife, and being dedicated to each other forever.”

Luckily, this isn’t the last wedding footage we’ll see from Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jonas. Turner herself confirmed she would be having a celebration of some sort in France this summer while chatting with Graham Norton. (We doubt Diplo will be invited.) Her sister-in-law, Priyanka Chopra, also confirmed the party (totally on accident!) while chatting with Access: “[The Las Vegas wedding] was so fun. It was so fun! And it’s so Jophie, I call them Jophie. It’s like, trust them to do that. That is Jophie!” She started. “And they’re going to have this amazing, beautiful [second] wedding obviously. Was I not supposed to say that?” Cats out of the bag! And we can’t WAIT for summer.