Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Might Have Revealed Their Baby’s Gender After Shopping for Baby Clothes

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner
Photo: Shutterstock.

Ever since this pair sparked those pregnancy rumors in Feb. 2020, fans have wanted to know as much as possible about the next Baby Jonas. Well, it looks like we just got several clues after Joe Jonas and pregnant Sophie Turner shopped for baby clothes.

For starters, this sighting basically confirms that the couple is indeed expecting, given that they have yet to comment on the rumors themselves. And for those who care about baby gender reveals, photos from the outing also seem to give us an idea of what to anticipate there. (You know, if we’re going by traditionalist standards of boy vs. girl clothes—for all we know, Sophie and Joe are taking a gender-neutral approach!)

According to one E! News source, however, Joe, 30, and Sophie, 24, were mostly focused on “male items” as they shopped at a baby store in Studio City, California on March 2. “Sophie and Joe picked up several boy toys such as action figures, boy pilot and NASA costumes and Sophie was saying how cute everything was,” the source said.

The source added, “It seemed like they were only interested in male items.”

The couple also attempted to keep things under wraps during their outing. With Joe and Sophie’s due date coming much sooner than we expected, the former Game of Throne‘s star wore an oversized Giants sweatsuit combo to hide any baby bump from sight. The pair also attempted to make the shopping spree a swift affair.

“They didn’t end up buying anything and left the store after about 10 minutes,” confirms E!’s source. As for how they were faring on, the source adds, “They both were very nice and Sophie was wearing baggy clothing, so no bump was showing. They didn’t mention anything about the pregnancy but did seem like they were shopping for a boy.”

That’s just one onlooker’s perspective, of course. Photos snapped from the outing show Sophie holding a baby bomber jacket (so cute) and fiddling with miscellaneous toys. We’re not sure who says only boys get to wear bomber jackets and “NASA costumes,” however, so it’s totally possible that there’s still room for interpretation here!