You Can Thank Sophie Turner For Getting The Jonas Brothers Back Together

Aramide Tinubu
Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner
Photo: Shutterstock.

As if you needed another reason to stan for the Queen of the North. According to Joe Jonas, his wife, Sophie Turner, is responsible for the Jonas Brothers’ reunion. For this alone, we think that Joe, Kevin, and Nick should make a golden statue of Sophie and pay homage to it each morning when they wake-up. If you recall, in the mid-2000s, the Jonas Brothers came storming through our lives with their epic bops like “When You Look Me In the Eyes.” We thought they’d always be with us. Unfortunately, in 2013, the brothers and the band imploded.

Six years ago, the trio went their separate ways to focus on solo projects. We’re used to bands breaking up to concentrate on other things, but apparently, the Jo Bros were in a really fu*ked up place. In their new documentary, Chasing Happiness— Joe explained, “We hated each other basically.” Nick added, “Right after the band split up, I didn’t know if we would ever speak again.”

Siblings can certainly be the source of your comfort and your pain. Luckily, some time apart, a bit of growth, and some encouragement from Turner helped the brothers see the light. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Joe revealed that when he saw how close the Game of Thrones actress was with her brothers and it encouraged him to get his ish together.

He explained, “It encouraged me to see she had such a great relationship with her brothers,” he said. “That was really a big thing for me to be able to look at, and say, ‘I gotta get my shit together.”

Despite past hurts, the Jo Bros were able to work through things and come back full force with new music. As Kevin explained. “Being back with the Jonas Brothers? I truly never thought it would happen.”

All hail Queen Sophie!