Joe Biden ‘Feels Good’ After Election Night Draws To An Anxious Pause

Joe Biden & Donald Trump
Photo: Kevin Dietsch-Pool via CNP / MEGA & UPI/Newscom/MEGA.

After the polls closed and as Election Day drew to an anxiety-provoking pause, Joe Biden made sure to share his election reaction on Twitter. The former Vice President of the United States and 2020 presidential candidate, 77, took to the social media platform with confidence about the unfinished election, even as votes are still being counted in key states like North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania. “We feel good about where we are,” Biden tweeted at 1:03 a.m. EST on Nov. 4. “We believe we are on track to win this election.”

Biden’s first tweet about the uncalled election came early in the morning, when he urged supporters to remain optimistic at 12:53 a.m. EST. “Keep the faith, guys,” he tweeted. “We’re gonna win this.”

A follow-up tweet from Biden seemed to address the premature claims of victory by President Trump. “It’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to declare the winner of this election. It’s the voter’s place,” Biden tweeted at 12:59 a.m. EST. He’s right: votes are still being tallied in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Biden has maintained that he will accept the results of the 2020 election throughout the contest, while President Trump has stated he would challenge a Biden victory. Speaking from the White House, Trump declared a desire for “all voting to stop” and asserted that he will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to stop counting ballots.

Before Biden shared his reaction to the developing election on Twitter, the former VP had spent most of Election Day canvassing in his home state of Pennsylvania. In the early morning, Biden visited his birthplace of Scranton, PA. “Scranton is where I learned, like you did, all my basic values,” he told a crowd of supporters at a canvass kickoff. He later paid a visit to his childhood home, where, according to The New Yorker Times, he signed a message on the living room wall: “From this house to the White House with the grace of God.”

The presidential candidate later flew to Philadelphia. There, at another canvass kickoff in the early afternoon, he told supporters that Donald Trump had “a lot of things backwards.” He continued, “He thinks that he can decide who gets to vote. Well, guess what? The people are going to decide who gets to be president.” Hours later, Biden shared a short video from his day of campaigning in Pennsylvania to Twitter. “Let’s win this thing, Pennsylvania!” he captioned the clip.

The presidential candidate also took the opportunity on Election Day to share factual resources for prospective voters (as opposed to Trump, whose tweets from Election Day held no mention of voter registration or resources).

In one tweet, Biden posed important Election Day questions to his followers: “Where is your polling location? When do polls close? What do you need to bring to the polls? Where can you drop off your absentee ballot? Head to to find all the information you need to make your voice heard today,” he wrote. “Voting is your right,” he added in an earlier tweet. “If you have questions, reach out to the Voter Assistance Hotline at 1-833-336-8683.”

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