Jodie Sweetin: Meth and Cocaine Addiction Covered in New Tell-All Book


We’ve just barely recuperated from the release of Mackenzie Phillips’ disturbing memoir, High on Arrival, and now there is another grimace-inducing tell-all for us to digest, this time from former Full House star Jodie Sweetin. In UnSweetined, Jodie confesses to relapsing back into her cocaine habits–while pocketing paychecks from the “Just Say No” campaign where she spoke to college students about living clean and drug-free. Seriously. Her inspirational, anti-drug speeches in fact paid for her drug habit, with her “spending seven hundred dollars a week on meth [and] coke.”

So let’s get this straight: she lied about doing drugs, while high on drugs, while preaching to students not to do drugs. Why isn’t this girl getting more work? She must be a pretty good actress to pull off that kind of a performance.

We’re hoping that the publication of this book means that Sweetin’s dark days of addiction are behind her.