What It’s Like To Intern At StyleCaster


A StyleCaster internship is one unlike youve ever had before. Well, actually its the only internship Ive ever had, but Ive witnessed enough of my friends reactions as I describe my day to day life here to know that Ive struck a pretty sweet deal.

Other than the fact that youre constantly surrounded by a mountain of gorgeous accessories and amazing clothes, at StyleCaster, youre also granted the name of Junior Team Member instead of just intern, which instantly makes you feel like a part of the team. Further, youre included in the weekly team meetings, which allows you to see and understand all aspects of the business, making your experience a much more valuable one.

We also have the JTM meetings, where we get the chance to voice any ideas we have, and have the exciting opportunity to have the boss sit in with us and listen to our comments or any projects we have in mind.

The fact that your input is actually taken into consideration here is a huge deal, especially because at other companies, interns barely have any interaction with members other than their supervisors. This is not one of those stuck in the fashion closet all day internships.

One of the greatest aspects of this internship actually, is that you get to witness a whole range of aspects of the fashion industry, from photography, to editorial, to video. Its amazing to see the magic that happens here in the studio eventually show up on the website, and that direct correlation helps you to respect the industry and understand its ins and outs more that you could have imagined.

If the awesome teamwork that happens here is not enough motivation, then the inspirational posters hung around the office will be sure to help.

Remember that this is not coffee-getting, photocopying, filings internship. Everyday here is different, and exciting, and you get to meet so many people, whether they may be team member or fellow JTMs, contacts that are to be of help in your future.

A StyleCaster internship gives back as much as you are willing to put in (which is a lot!).

Apply now and help make some magic happen! Email experience@stylecaster.com for more information.

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