How To Leave A Lasting Impression At An Internship


1. Always be on time, if not early.
Being on time is extremely important in any business and it does not just mean when showing up for work. If your supervisor asks for a project done by a certain date, get it done.

He/she will not wait past the due date and time for an assignment to be completed, and this is what is expected of you. If you feel you may need more time, of course ask for it, but do not wait until the last minute.

2. Network with those around you.
Having a great internship on a resume is helpful, but I could say that there is nothing more important than connecting with those you are around in an office. Ask colleagues how they got started at XY company and why they are there. Discuss your future plans for after college or grad-school. Connect on LinkedIn.

These people can be incredibly helpful in finding future jobs, career advice, and even recommend you to others in your industry.

3. Be prepared and resourceful.
It seems redundant to say, but I can’t begin to tell you about how necessary it is to be knowledgeable about the company you are interning for. Make sure you know the basics of where you are interning. Know what the company’s mission is and how the company came about. Know who the company’s competition is and who the CEOs are.

You never know if someone is going to ask you to run an errand or if your boss asks you a question about how their company differs from another.

4. Offer your services.
Are you a social-media maven? Tell your manager. Do you have impeccable illustration skills? Tell you manager. These skills can pay of hugely in the long run.

Keep your station clean and organized, take out the trash when it’s full, stay an hour longer if your help is needed. These small tasks seem so minor but people WILL notice, and it will help you stand out.

5. Ask for more.
This shows how useful you are. Offer to take on a blog post for your company or offer to draft a press release. This shows your boss that you want to learn more and be more involved in the company.

Too many times I’ve seen interns reading magazines in an office pretended they have nothing to do. There is no excuse. Offer to organize the fashion closet, or to file papers.

This seems like minor work but it really does make you stand out against those who don’t offer to assist.

6. Never give up.
Were you asked to find photos for a story five hours ago and you can’t find anything? Don’t give up, try other vocabulary when searching. Did you break a glass in the kitchen on your first day? Don’t be embarrassed, stuff happens.

If you feel as if you will succeed, it helps the task get accomplished so much more. Also, keep a positive attitude. Your boss will appreciate having a smiling, happy face around.

7. Be appreciative, hand written Thank You notes go a long way.
Discuss with your supervisor about what you got out of your time with their company and thank him/her for the opportunity before you leave.

However, make sure you send a hand written Thank You note. Hand written notes are hard to find these days between e-mail and Twitter, but they are highly regarded and respected in any industry.

A hand written note within the first week or two of leaving will remind your boss of what an amazing intern you are, therefore keeping a lasting connection.

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