Looking for Jobs in Fashion? Brand-New Site Is a Huge Resource

Meghan Blalock

Landing a job in fashion can seem like a daunting goal. While it seems that everyone and their mother has a fashion blog, actually getting someone to pay you to work with clothes, style outfits, or write about the industry is a whole ‘nother ball game. However, industry publication Business of Fashion just opened a new door that could make things more accessible.

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BoF has launched its own careers site, highlighting open jobs that otherwise might remain under the ever-illusory shield that keeps the fashion industry and its available positions largely hidden from public eye. It’s also worldwide, listing jobs from New York to London to Singapore, at all levels; from entry-level retail positions to web developers to, yes, internships.

Some of the most promising roles at the moment: an internship with Victoria Beckhama copywriter at Tory Burcha senior shoe modelist for Fendi, and beyond.

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Head to Business of Fashion Careers now to check out some of the current gigs available.