Joan Rivers, Wedgies & More: Best Tweets Of The Week

Spencer Cain

The conclusion of this week is very bittersweet for me. It is officially the end of my birthday week. That’s right, folks. I am 23, somber (not really sober)  and altogether over it. Getting through the next few days will be absolute hell (mainly because I feel like a bulldozer ran me over). But I’m trying. I’m a survivor, so won’t you survive with me?

I’m sorry, I sound like a complete lunatic right now but it is what it is. As you can imagine, it’s a major struggle to even think of the past week. But onwards and upwards! That said, this week on Twitter we saw some serious global issues come to life. For example: wedgie prevention, the insanity that is Octomom — and a whole lot more.

Click through the gallery above to relive the best tweets from celebrities and fashionistas alike! Oh, and I promise that next week I will come back rested, normal and slightly less in need of a a few Advil. (Thanks for understanding.)