BTS’ Jin Released A New Solo Song & It’s Been Deemed “A Masterpiece,” Obviously

Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

Jin’s new hair do was the hot topic on Twitter, but now it has a competitor: his music.  BTS band member Jin’s new song is making waves. The singer released a solo track titled, “Tonight.” It’s the singer’s first self-written solo piece of work and naturally fans are ecstatic. The BTS ARMY (aka the band’s super-fans) have been all over social media proclaiming their love for both Jin and “Tonight” alike.

This solo song was released in tandem with BTS FESTA—a two-week digital event that includes new material and content from BTS. The song could’ve gone a number of ways but Jin decided to sing about what he loves most: his pets. Umm…hi! Pretty sure every person on the planet can relate to this one. And if you can’t, well, you should just leave now because pets are awesome. And guess what? Jin of BTS confirmed it. SO there you go.

Earlier today, the K-Pop singer sent out some info about his song and the inspiration behind it via Twitter. “Hello, this is Jin,” he began. “I wrote this song while thinking of my pet. It’s my first original song, but I hope you enjoy it. Next time, I’ll work hard on my music again and let you listen. Thank you ARMY.”

Could he be any greater? He loves his fans. He loves his pets. He loves his hair (which is now purple BTW). It’s no wonder BTS is breaking so many records with their music—not only are they fantastic performers, they’re also genuinely good people who love and respect one another. And they love to have fun. At the end of May, Jin took part in a little on-stage football with his bandmates. Amazing.

Take a look at some of the fan responses. They’re fantastic.

Listen to the whole song below…take a gander…tell us you don’t love it.