People Are Idiots: Watch This New Video of People Talking About Fake Bands at SXSW

Meghan Blalock

No one makes fun of idiotic people better than talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, whose “Lie Witness News” series—the very same one that exposed fake fashionistas for all their true ignorance last September New York Fashion Week—hit the streets at SXSW to do more of the same.

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The “reporter” asked random passersby what they thought of completely made-up bands—with names like Neil Patrick Harrassment, “country-meets-rap group” Willie Nelson Mandela, and female DJ Heavy Flow—to brilliant responses that illuminated just how ignorant these people really are.

At one point, the reporter talks about a fake artist who “takes baths on stage.” The unsuspecting interviewee responds, “Yeah to be honest, I think it’s real creative.” (Though, if we might interject, that’s not nearly as creative as Lady Gaga getting vomited on.)

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Watch the hysterical clip below!