Best Video Ever: Jimmy Kimmel Asks People at NYFW About Fake Designers

Meghan Blalock

As we’ve already discussed at length this week, people who work in fashion seem to be kind of over New York Fashion Week. From the New York Times analyzing insiders’ increasing malaise with the bi-annual event, to designers like Oscar de la Renta closing their shows off to celebs and bloggers, there seems to be a perception that the week has become populated with people who, well, just don’t know fashion.

And now, talk show host and funnyman Jimmy Kimmel has given us a piece of brilliant, hilarious proof that this is precisely the case. For the latest edition of his “Lie Witness News,” Kimmel and his team stalked show-goers outside the Lincoln Center tents to ask them what they think of designers like “Purina Chow,” “George Costanza,” and “Willy Loman.” As you might already expect, the results are amazing.

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At one point, Kimmel shows a duo of over-dressed fashion lovers what they think of a (fake) male model who walked the runway with a watermelon covering his head.

The boy’s snooty response: “It’s called fashion. Look it up.”

Most people don’t realize that Fashion Week, at least in its current incarnation, is relatively new. Back in the day, it used to be a week where buyers, editors, and other members of the press privately viewed designers’ collections to determine what would be sold in stores and featured in magazine editorials months down the road. This clip from Kimmel just highlights that the shows have become a bit of a circus populated by people who, to be frank, probably have no business being there.

The clip is really too good to describe in words. Watch it above!

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