Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Justin Bieber’s Baby Mama Drama

Spencer Cain

I wasn’t going to address this story at all, because I thought it would go away, but it simply will not. Some groupie claims that her and Justin Bieber got freaky backstage at one of his concerts last year at the Staples Center, and that she gave birth to their son three months ago.

First of all, I don’t even want to get into the physical logistics of this situation, because the pint-sized Biebs was merely a wee lad at this time and I’m pretty sure his handlers and team of publicists wouldn’t allow him to just plant his seed into some random stranger. Also, does anyone have backstage sex anymore? I mean come on, this is Justin Bieber, not Tommy Lee.

Jimmy Fallon finds it ridiculous as well, and hilariously spoofed it on his show last night. His rendition of Bieber’s smash-hit “Baby” was redone as “(It’s Not My) Baby,” and you absolutely need to watch it below. While I’m sure that there’s no validity to this entire situation and I’m sure the girl in question is some money grubbing lunatic, a part of me does hope that Canada’s pride and joy did indulge in some premarital nasty, and is now a daddy. Anyway, not to be a grandpa here, but please use protection.