BTS’ Jimin’s New Hair Color Is Causing An Internet Meltdown

Kim Wong-Shing
BTS' Jimin
Photo: Shutterstock.

BTS ARMY members who are depressed over the band’s lack of Grammy nominations: please turn your attention to these photos of Jimin’s new blue-gray hair, because they will definitely distract you from your woes. At least, that’s what’s happening all over Twitter, where people are having a meltdown over Jimin’s brand new look.

One of the all-time favorite pastimes of the BTS ARMY is keeping tabs on the band members’ hairstyles. They love to switch things up on a regular basis, but somehow they always manage to surprise fans. Let us briefly review the many occasions on which BTS’ hair has made it into the headlines: there were those times Jungkook dyed his hair blonde, possibly dyed his hair blue, grew out his hair and then cut it shorter. There was Jin’s exquisite purple hair. And then there was that time Jimin wore his hair in a ponytail.

If a mere ponytail on Jimin could throw the internet into a feverish tailspin, then just imagine what took place yesterday, when he debuted a new blue-gray hair color. His new silvery strands make him look like a literal ice king and the ARMY is loving it. Can you say winter hair inspo?

Fans have not hesitated in showing their appreciation.

This isn’t the first time Jimin has rocked light blue-gray hair. He also wore an ashy blue color during the bands’ “Blood Sweat and Tears” era in 2016. Still, that doesn’t make his recent transition any less shocking and exciting.

Also, Jimin’s very on-trend gray hair came just at the right time. BTS fans have been very upset for the past couple of days, because the Recording Academy released their 2020 Grammy nominations and BTS’ name was nowhere to be found. BTS fans very classily vowed to prove the Recording Academy wrong — and they’ll keep stanning the band no matter what, through all of their hair transformations.