Jim Nantz: Girlfriend Courtney Richards of IMG Steps in After Divorce


If you haven’t already heard, CBS sports broadcaster Jim Nantz, 50, has been going through a pretty messy divorce this past month. Last week’s divorce ruling determined that Lorrie Nantz would be receiving $72,000 per month from her ex-husband for life, unless of course, she decides to remarry. And while it may be likely that the ex-Mrs. will find someone else to love, we’re not sure it would be such a lucrative decision. She had better be aiming for some high rollers or she’s going to have to choose whether her newest lover will be worth giving up the $916,000 check per year, including $1,000 a week for child support for their 15-year-old daughter. Sounds like a pretty bangin’ allowance, no?

Like any normal person, Jimmy may be stressed over the divorce, but he’s already got a lady to replace his ex of 26 years. Courtney Richards, the 29-year-old VP at IMG has been seeing the sports personality since before his marriage officially ended. In a 2004 piece in the Wall Street Journal that discussed the need for many working twenty-somethings to still cling to their parents for financial support, Richards was quoted saying:

“My dad says I have champagne taste on a beer budget…I love my job, and I love what I do, but the bottom line is that I’m not making enough to pay for myself.”

Richards’ father also stated in the article that his daughter had to cut down on her frequent manicure appointments to help her budget more wisely. Hopefully things have changed since 2004, but if not, looks like you have a new sugar daddy to help you out with those manicure bills, Court.