Report: Jil Sander Will Make Big Debut at Namesake Label “Independently” of Milan Fashion Week

Laurel Pinson

 Report: Jil Sander Will Make Big Debut at Namesake Label Independently of Milan Fashion Week

Over the past few months, Raf Simons has been getting a lot of positive press around his Dior couture debut, but as of yet, there has been little information from his successor at Jil Sander — who, of course, is Jil Sander herself.

Sander has always been an independent (and much-beloved) spirit in the fashion community, and it seems that her upcoming fashion week debut will be no exception: WWD reports that La Republicca noticed Sander is conspicuously absent from Milan Fashion Week’s official calendar for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collections. According to the Italian paper, Sander is planning to host two shows “independently” of the official Milan Fashion Week schedule.

The move makes some sense (and not just because Sander’s always been a bit of an outsider): Right now, Milan’s shows are crammed into the first few days of the week because the final days overlap with Paris Fashion Week, and there’s apparently a (justified) fear that many editors will abandon the final days of the week to travel to Paris. Moving her show to a time outside of the official week would help Sander attract more attention to her big debut, and perhaps also avoid the maelstrom of the first few days of the official week.

Regardless, Sander’s big return to her namesake label will undoubtedly attract as much attention as Simons’ big debut for Dior (if not more), so it’s fair to say that the fashion world will be watching — no matter what day Sander chooses.