Jewelry Designer Pamela Love Spills Her Top Tips for Finding Antique Treasures

Blair Pfander

Photo Courtesy of Pamela Love

Pamela Love may be known for making statement baubles with a moody, gypsy-chic edge, but the New York City based designer also has an eye for striking interiors.

With a knack for sourcing unusual flea market finds and killer antique furnishings, we’ve been envious of Love’s bohemian cool ever since peeping her Brooklyn apartment on The Selby back in 2010.
Here, Love sounds off on her favorite antique shops, her killer chesterfield couch, and her best-ever splurge—a Moroccan rug nearly as big as her apartment.
1. Discover Your Style. Love gravitates towards pieces that are “eclectic, rustic, and bohemian,” she explains. “I love to collect weird antiques and mementos from my travels. I always thinks its important to have a lot of plants and candles.”
2. Head Over the Bridge. Love’s favorite sources for antique home finds—the “Brooklyn Flea Market and Brooklyn Reclamation”—are both located across the river. Hit the latter for unusual furnishings and miscellany. Our favorite find? A rustic wood armoire in pale pink.
3. Splurge on Statement Accessories. Given her collection of statement-making baubles, it’s no surprise that Love prefers to splurge on eye-catching home accessories. One of her best purchases: “an amazing Moroccan rug that’s almost as big as my entire house.”
4. Bragging Rights. Finding exactly the right furnishing at a flea market or antique store feels like unearthing hidden treasure. Love is most proud of the “antique Chesterfield couch” in her apartment—a top-notch find if there ever was one.
5. Neighborhood Haunts. For unusual home accessories and art objects, Love advises scouring the shelves at “The Hunt NYC and Obscura” in Manhattan or Beautiful Dreamers in Williamsburg. For furniture, she shops at interiors mecca, ABC Carpet and Home.
Pamela Loves’s Little Black Book For Antiquing:
The Brooklyn Flea Market, 176 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York;
Brooklyn Reclamation, 676 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, New York;
The Hunt NYC, 72 Orchard Street, New York, New York;
Obscura, 207 Avenue A, New York, New York;
Beautiful Dreamers, 326 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York;

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