JewelMint Wants To Help You Spread The Love

Jessica Rubin

As the holiday season approaches, thoughts turn to giving back and showing appreciation for all that you have. JewelMint, Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter‘s jewelry site, has launched a new project revolving around their Friendship Bracelets. These cute, woven arm decorations come in sets of three, one for you to keep and two for you to bestow upon inspiring women in your life. Adorable, right?

The set of three costs $29.99 and $1 of every sale goes to I AM THAT GIRL, a non-profit organization that helps inspire confidence in young women by fostering a community that values healthy media and “authentic conversation.”

Kate Bosworth, one of our favorite celebrities for so many reasons, commented on her collaboration with I AM THAT GIRL, saying, “Designing jewelry that not only celebrates the women who have supported and been a part of JewelMint, but also empowers and supports young women, who are just finding their way is unbelievably rewarding.”

We’re already building mental lists of all the amazing women in our lives who we want to share these fashionable little treats with. Head over to to contribute to Bosworth’s and Coulter’s project and help spread a little love this holiday season!