Introducing Jessie Ware: The British Singer Dishes on Style, Music, and the Meaning of Fashion

Meghan Blalock

British crooner Jessie Ware is still a rising star here in America, but in her native land she’s made quite the splash on both the electronic music and fashion scenes; she’s worked with the likes of producer SBTRKT and vocalist Sampha (who recently paired up with Drake), and regularly wears brands like Miu Miu and Alexandre Vauthier, and is close friends with the founders of Rihanna-approved brand Silver Spoon Attire (Avigail Collins is her longtime stylist).

Her album “Devotion” came out last year and peaked at number 5 on the U.K. charts, and was released stateside this year to a warm welcome, including sold-out shows in New York and music festival appearances at Lollapalooza, Coachella, and more. The 28-year-old singer sat down to chat with StyleCaster on her unique personal style, which includes her now-trademark top knot, plenty of patterns, and what seems to be an entire closet full of crop tops.

You work closely with stylist Avigail Collins of Silver Spoon Attire, which Rihanna has recently started to wear on a regular basis; what do you love about that brand?
I love [founders] Avigail and Damian so much, and I’m really proud of them. I think their brand is really fun and fresh. I wear the cameo beanies all the time, and I rock my drug rug at festivals. I’ve had so many people come up and ask about it. I’m really excited for their new totes coming out too!

In the past, you’ve worn a lot of Miu Miu as well as Alexandre Vauthier; are you still rocking those brands? Why do they compel you?
It was an honor to wear Alexandre Vauthier at The Mercury Prize Awards. I felt so wonderful in it. His designing and that dress made me feel feminine, strong, and was like my album “Devotion” in a dress! Miu Miu has been extremely generous when working with me and the brand is so so cool and imaginative, it inspired me to switch up some of my styles. I really love the people that I work with there, where they let me collaborate on designs. We have become friends.

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You love to mix up-and-coming brands like Silver Spoon with well-known labels like Miu Miu. Do you have any advice for women who want to do the same?
I think find your basics and essentials that you can’t live without (mine are high waisted trousers, loafers, and a shirt or blazer and midriff top) and you can find these in high street brands. Then if you really want to wear a well-known label, get something that you won’t hate in a year! And mix them up, therefore it will always seem a bit more effortless and classic. I always feel like my more high-end stuff is going to stay with me forever.

Speaking of which, you rock a crop top like no one else. What is your secret to wearing the look so successfully?
Don’t show too much anywhere else. That’s what makes it look sophisticated. I hope!

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How does your music influence your style, and vise versa?
At the beginning it served to help me feel more confident. So shoulder pads and a strong look made me want to perform better. Now I have more fun with it, but it’s still very important.

Do you have any tips for transitioning from summer to fall wardrobes?
I always struggle with moving from summer to autumn! I never want to give in. I like light jackets and bringing in boots again. I have these new Tibi ones that I can’t wait to wear in September and October. And I will be back in buttoned up shirts!