Seriously, can we get this amaze balls singer a fashion line like right now?

Jessie Ware: A Singer That Actually Deserves Her Own Mulberry Namesake Bag

Susie G

FACT: As soon as you listen to the first few seconds of a Jessie Ware song, her lush vocals will instantly melt your heart (and possibly your brains). It’s totes amaze to think that even with her soft spoken vocal bits she still manages to hit a chord with us, sending us chills all the way to our tapping toes (seriously, there’s no way we can listen to one of her songs with out some sort of head-bop, neck jerk or some other awkward body movement).

This UK-based artist’s latest music video for her upcoming single “110%” was released this Monday, and we are all in love with it here at the office. That intense voice sampling right at the start of the song will definitely get your attention, as the beat machine and the building up of the heavenly keyboard notes create a perfect melodic juxtaposition with Jessie’s soft vocals as the icing on the cake.

We should probably mention that the video itself is also pretty easy on the eyes. Gorge outdoorsy landscapes, plus Jessie’s country couture wardrobe (oh hello, Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 eggplant dress) are just making us love this jam even more.

Our fingers are crossed that the rest of the world will also pick up on Jessie Ware’s awesomeness, so much that we’d even love to see a few of our favorite designer brands who seem to be all hot and bothered for super fresh talent that haven’t even released a full-length album yet (like Azealia Banks whose already wooed Karl Lagerfeld) hand this chiquita her own line or even a namesake bag for herself à la Lana Del Rey and Mulberry.

“110%” will be coming out through PMR Records on June 4th, and you can also check Ms. Ware doing the festival rounds this summer throughout the UK and Europe. If you can, we highly suggest you go check her out!

Or watch the “110%” video for yourself down below if you need more convincing:

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