What Our Editor-in-Chief Keeps in Her Bag to Get Through the Workday

What Our Editor-in-Chief Keeps in Her Bag to Get Through the Workday
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As editor-in-chief of StyleCaster, I find that my days fill up quickly—I’m overseeing our editorial content, managing several different departments, leading group meetings, and attending industry functions. It’s a role that keeps me mentally sharp and on my feet, so embracing the energy is a huge component of getting the job done. But when I run into those inevitable office-life snags (like dealing with tired, dry eyes or hitting an afternoon slump), my workday essentials really help move things along.

So I’m dumping the goods from my bag and laying out the stash of staples I absolutely swear by. Click through this slideshow for the items I can’t leave my apartment without: moisturizing eye drops, calming organic oils, chocolate-covered energy bars, tightening face mists, and more. I’ll go ahead and place my bet that even if you aren’t an aspiring EIC yourself, you can still channel your inner boss with these affordable wonders that are as hardworking as you are.

This post was brought to you by Dr. Scholl’s® DreamWalk®.

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Céline Trotteur 2015 bag in Gray; at Céline

“I am a huge advocate for face mists. This toner serum is a refreshing pick-me-up for any time of day, especially when my face could use a little boost during the afternoon. The essential oils and flowery extracts in this tiny spray bottle help to brighten skin and tighten up pores—it's like carrying a magical potion in my bag.”

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, $18; at Sephora

“Being an EIC means I'm constantly having to fancy up for various industry events and work functions. I have to change from my sneakers into sky-high heels, which can get uncomfortable. What really helps my feet are super-cushioning Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk insoles, which is why I always keep a backup pair of Dr. Scholl's in my bag.”

Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Insoles, $7.97

“I might be a bit of a germaphobe, so I've got this peppermint hand sanitizer to placate my fears. I prefer this fast-drying spray from EO over the gel stuff because it also serves as an aromatherapy oil! The formula is made from organic plant extracts and fragrances, so it leaves a great, relaxing scent.”

Hand Sanitizer Spray in Organic Peppermint, 12 for $23.99; at EO

“I’m fairly low-key when it comes to my makeup routine for the office, but it always helps to have something simple like lip gloss on hand. Butter Gloss is great because it comes in a variety of colors—my personal fave is Éclair—and a quick swipe makes me feel more presentable for meetings and after-work events.”

Butter Gloss, $5; at NYX Cosmetics

“I throw sunglasses into my bag every morning out of habit, even if it looks like it might rain. Because, really, the weather in NYC is always unpredictable—it's best to be prepared for those unexpected moments of sunshine. And when it is bright out, I aim to treat myself to a long coffee break.”

Palm Beach Sunglasses in Sand, $240; at Illesteva

“It goes without saying that, like everyone else, I need my trusty smartphone with me wherever I go. It keeps me connected with the goings-on at work, even when I have to step out of the office. My device of choice right now is the iPhone 6, and it hasn't failed me yet.”

iPhone 6, starting at $199; at Apple

“Rather than worrying about having questionable breath after coffee or lunch, I just always carry mints. Not only do these cinnamon Altoids do the trick, but they're also spicy in the best way possible.”

Altoids Curiously Strong Mints in Cinnamon, $19.99 for 12 tins; at Drugstore.com

“My mom sends me a case of these every month and, honestly, these bars are lifesavers when I need a quick recharge to power through the day. They've got all the good stuff—superfood greens, a blend of boosting nutrients, and just enough chocolate to keep them tasty.”

+plusbar Energy Chocolate Bars, $31.95 for 12 bars; at Greens Plus

“Working at a web-based media company means long days staring a computer screen, so I absolutely recommend eye drops for times when your eyes get dry and blurry (which for me is often). Until science figures out how to make screens more bearable, these drops are gold.”

Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops, $12.99; at Walgreens

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