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How STYLECASTER Editor-in-Chief Jessica Teves Does Fashion Week

Leah Faye Cooper
How STYLECASTER Editor-in-Chief Jessica Teves Does Fashion Week
Photo: Jens Ingvarsson

This Fashion Week, we’ve teamed up with luxury watch purveyor Baume & Mercier—makers of the fall favorite Petite Promesse—to present a behind-the-scenes look at how editors navigate the industry’s most fun, frenetic, and creative week. Today, we check in with STYLECASTER editor-in-chief, Jessica Teves.  

Tasked with overseeing the site’s editorial content, and staying on top of the latest pop culture, beauty, and fashion trends, Teves leads a team of writers and editors at STYLECASTER’s NYC office. From early-morning workouts to a nightcap (or two), here’s how she does Fashion Week. 

What Her Fashion Week Prep Looks Like
“I’m really big on making sure everything is set with the team in the office. Fashion Week requires so much time running around to shows and dinners and after-work events, and I like to have a sense of what’s happening in the office before I hit the streets.”

Her Typical Fashion Week Morning
“It’s honestly not all that different from any other morning. I’m very committed to exercise as a way to clear your head and refresh your energy, and a quick morning workout always sets me off on the right note. I feel like it gives me an openness to whatever I’m going to be presented with that day.”


Jens Ingvarsson

The Essentials in Her Bag
“I always have Altoids and lip gloss, and I normally carry Tamari almonds as a snack. I also have my iPhone and at least two pairs of sunglasses—and face mist! I never, ever leave home without face mist.”

How She Gets Around

“I actually like to walk. When I’m short on time between shows I’ll hop in a cab, but I think walking is one of the most beautiful aspects of NYC. The streets never cease to amaze me.”

Her Go-To Accessories
“I’m not gonna lie—lately I’ve been gravitating towards sneakers. I took to the streetwear trend and haven’t looked back. There’s nothing I like more than comfortable feet! I gravitate towards dressier jewelry and watches though. The diamonds and wrap detailing on this watch elevate whatever I’m wearing.”

What She Looks For on the Runway 
“I’m curious about the brands and influencers and trends that are shaping what style means today, and thinking about how we can translate them into story lines that work for our reader—and also present them in a way that real women can relate to and incorporate into their lives and wardrobes.”


Jens Ingvarsson

One Thing She Always Looks Forward To 
“Fashion Week is like a big reunion. I love seeing familiar faces and reconnecting with people in the industry that I’ve met and worked with over the years.”

How Her Days End
“It depends. A perfect evening is spent at home with my feet up on the couch—binge-watching a great show or having a delicious home-cooked meal—but inevitably there are lot of events that are necessary to attend. Sometimes I go to two or three parties, but occasionally I get lucky and I’m at home in my PJs.”

Watch: Baume & Mercier Petite Promesse 10288
Makeup: Joanna Simkin