Jessica Simpson: Fashion Mentor? A.P.C.’s Fall 2011 Ad

Kerry Pieri

We’re advocates of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger!

Aline Weber stars in A.P.C.’s Fall 2011 ad, shot by Venetia Scott. Shorts for fall! (Fashion Copious)

130788 1308075239 Jessica Simpson: Fashion Mentor? A.P.C.s Fall 2011 Ad

Read what the adorable Jonathan Adler eats every day. He says something “kind of harshed my mellow.” I die. (Grub Street)

Um, Jessica Simpson is going to be a mentor on Fashion Star, NBC’s version of Project Runway that they’re saying is not like Project Runway. (Us Magazine)

130785 1308074840 Jessica Simpson: Fashion Mentor? A.P.C.s Fall 2011 Ad

Erdem did an exclusive collection for Net-a-Porter, including a floral denim biker jacket. Cute! (Fashionologie)


130787 1308075234 Jessica Simpson: Fashion Mentor? A.P.C.s Fall 2011 Ad

RT @KyleEditor I wish this was my house 🙂 I need a mansion Me too.

RT @jimshi809 Oscar de la Renta named a Mexico City tourism ambassador! “It is a tranquil & safe city, and with mariachi music, u even 4get u r tired.” Rando yet nice!

RT @fuggirls Someone suspects we’re paid to pimp Diet Coke. Honestly: no. We’d tell you if we were paid to hawk something. We’re just being ourselves. -H Love it. We do the same for Ryan Gossling here at SC.

RT @sea_of_shoes Wow thank you so much @RobertsEmma! I’m flabbergasted to know you read my blog! Bloggers = the new celebrity.

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