Jessica Mulroney Says She’s in the ‘Worst State’ in First Post Since Meghan Markle Dumped Her

Jessica Mulroney
Photo: zz/KGC-125/STAR MAX/IPx.

Her social media break may be over, but Jessica Mulroney is in ‘the worst state’ after the backlash of her Sasha Exeter scandal and broken friendship with Meghan Markle. The former CTV host revealed as much in a new caption on Instagram, marking her first post to the social media platform since the controversy began.

Jessica, 40, returned to Instagram to wish her twins, Brian and John, a happy 10th birthday. “Happy 10th to my twin babies,”  the stylist captioned an Instagram video of her husband, Ben Mulroney, carrying over a birthday cake and placing it in front of the boys. “My incredible family have had to witness mom in the worst state. These two boys have not left my side and gave me the will to live and work hard when everything fell apart. They deserve the best birthday. Only up from here.”

The candid caption comes months after Jessica stepped away from social media in response to immense criticism over her treatment of lifestyle blogger, Sasha Exeter. In June 2020, the Black influencer exposed Meghan Markle’s then-bestie for her “textbook white privilege” after she decided to bully Sasha over Instagram DMs and threaten to sue her. Ironically, it all began because Sasha urged her white peers to use their platforms to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement at the time, but Jessica took the suggestion as a personal dig. She reacted crudely to the social media star, and in the end, the public backlash even made her friendship with Meghan suffer.

While Jessica has spent the last several weeks offline after issuing an apology, it appears her followers haven’t forgotten about her controversy. “Dumped by MeGain got you down? Join the crowd,” wrote one Instagram user in a comment. The stylist replied, “Just stop.” In another reply to a critic’s comment, which has since been deleted, the fashion consultant pleaded: “Can you move on? It would be much appreciated.”

But it doesn’t look like everyone in her circle is ready to “move on,” as she says. Her relationship with Meghan, for one, is reportedly “done.” The Duchess “could not get over that Jessica brought up her relationship with Meghan when she commented about her ‘closest friend’ in the discourse with Sasha,” a source told Us Weekly in June, referring to the CTV host’s apology on Instagram. “That was hugely offensive to Meghan and the deciding factor for her. Meghan considers the relationship to be done.”

Meanwhile, Mulroney’s career prospects remain uncertain. Her show, I Do, Redo, was canceled along with multiple contracts in light of her actions. Her husband, Ben, has since stepped away from his job as well. The eTalk anchor announced that he would be stepping down from his role as host after 18 years in late June. “While I have certainly worked hard to build my career, I know that systemic racism and injustice helps people like me and harms those who aren’t like me, often in ways that are invisible to us,” he said in his announcement. “This needs to change.” He urged the Canadian entertainment news show find a new anchor who is ” Black, Indigenous or a person of color.”

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