Links to Click: Jessica Chastain Covers Vogue, Expired Makeup 101, More

Meghan Blalock

jessica chastain vogueThe Internet today brought us some firsts, some not-agains, and plenty of entertainment. Read on!

1. Finally! Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain has achieved her first-ever Vogue cover, and she’s ravishing in a bright yellow Theory by Olivier Theyskens dress. [HuffPo]

2. We’ve heard many different things throughout our lives about old, expired makeup. Here’s the truth. [Beauty High]

3. Feminist streetwear is going graphic. From shirts emblazoned with breasts to fitted caps boasting explicit phrases, they’re all the rage right now. [The Cut]

4. Think you’re eating super-well these days? Here are four healthy foods that are bad for your teeth. [Daily Makeover]

5. Juicy Couture teamed up with model Emily DiDonato to curate super cute holiday collection (perfect for finding gifts). [Juicy Couture]

6. Fall is in full swing, which means it’s time for hot cider cocktails! Here are 10 that are as pretty as they are tasty. [The Vivant]

7. Levi’s has innovated a brand new way of stitching that the brand claims is much more sustainable than previous methods. [Core 77]

8. Marc Jacobs quipped that he’s plotting the launch of a line of dog sweaters, which he plans to call “Bark Jacobs.” Is he serious or not? [WWD]