Jessica Biel Launches Eco-Friendly Handbag Line With Her Brother

Leah Bourne

jessica bag Jessica Biel Launches Eco Friendly Handbag Line With Her Brother

Jessica Biel famously told Glamour magazine in 2010 of her personal style: “I’m not someone who has this amazing instinct about fashion. Sometimes I cannot be bothered … I just thrown on whatever is comfortable … I literally spent most of my teenage years in Umbro shorts and No Fear T-shirts.”

Things have clearly changed quickly in the fashion department for Biel—husband Justin Timberlake likely has something to do with it—and now she shows up on the red carpet in Prada and in the front row of designer fashion shows like Oscar de la Renta. Her latest move as a budding fashionista? A line of “socially responsible” handbags created in conjunction with her brother Justin Biel and his best friend Grason Ratowsky called Bare.

Bare bags are handmade in Colorado, where the Biels and Ratowsky grew up, reusing coffee bean sacks. The idea came about after Ratowsky’s dad, an artist who had been working in Costa Rica, brought back a giant java bag. It was from that bag that Ratowsky came up with two tote styles, a backpack and pouch, all unisex and each made from one-of-a-kind recycled materials. Going forward, the team is considering using everything and anything to create the eco-friendly bags including sailboat sails and grain sacks from breweries.

So far Biel has been the only one to carry the bags in public, which have just launched. She told Vogue, “It’s my set bag … It has all my scripts, all my stuff, all of my character stuff, it comes with me every day to work.”

The bags range in price from $80 for a clutch on up to $320 for the Oaxaca duffel (pictured above), a far cry from the Biel’s favorite $4,000 The Row backpack. In other words, it will be interesting to see if she actually wears her own bags going forward.

Head over to Bare’s site now to check out the bags, and let us know: Would you carry one?