Jess Zaino: Featured Expert of the Day

Rachel Siegel

I’m really excited to announce that today’s Featured Expert for our “Ask an Expert, Be an Expert” section is the amazing Jess Zaino!

For those of you that don’t know what “Ask an Expert, Be an Expert” is, it’s our new section where you can ask your most burning questions and get answers from the community.

Want to know more about Jess? Here’s the quick bio, or click here for her full bio:

Jess is a blogger on the Young and Posh Network, host of,and producer of “The Urban Grocer,” a show airing April 10 at 8pm on the Cooking Channel. But that’s just the beginning, she’s a series regular on TV Guide Network’s Fashion Team and has been quoted in Vogue, In Style, Parent Magazine and more (she absolutely knows what’s she’s talking about). Jess has been a Trend Expert on the Home Shopping Network and it’s really awesome that she decided to join us as a featured expert. Without a doubt, make sure you follow her onTwitter at @Jess_Zaino.

So head over to the Advice section and ask your questions for Jess today. Of course, if you see a question you can answer, do it! We’re always looking for your thoughts and expertise!

Want to be a feature expert for the day? Leave a comment and let us know why. We’ll be sure to shoot you an email and figure out a day that works for you! P.S. Having a StyleCaster account gets you a +1 so sign up now and leave your comments below!