Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Prepares For Snooki’s Baby Shower

Spencer Cain

Yes, the lovely Snooki is pregnant. I refused to write the story when the news was confirmed simply because I don’t really feel that someone whose vagina has made more public appearances than Sharon Stone‘s in Basic Instinct should be popping out a little meatball, but I’ve sort of gotten on board.

In her initial Us Weekly announcement (baby girl got the cover and a glam spread!), she stated that she wanted her blown-out and phenomenal cast-mate Pauly D to DJ her childbirth. Damn, have we discovered this generation’s Dr. Spock?

Anyway, Pauly has responded to Snooki’s comments and says that he won’t be watching her shriek in pain as she births her spawn which will inevitably be named Gia, but he will bring his turntable talents to her baby shower! Knowing Snooki, the shower will probably be a Vegas pool party at the Bellagio and will feature champagne fountains and lots of rhinestones. Pauly has some ideas of his own and stated, “I would have spray tan booths in the corner, because she loves to tan, and a lot of loud music. I’d have pickles everywhere, too.”

This actually sounds like sort of a fun party. I still can’t shake the fact that she’ll be hitting up the delivery room as hard as she used to hit Club Karma, but people change. Snoop Dogg claimed (with regards to Kim Kardashian) that you can’t make a ho into a housewife, but maybe he was wrong.