Jenny McCarthy Officially Named ‘The View’ Co-Host

Valeria Nekhim

Get ready to hear Jenny McCarthy‘s opinions on a myriad of hot topics, as Barbara Walters announced today that McCarthy has officially signed on to co-host ABC gabfest “The View” as it enters its 17th season.

The news comes a mere five days after co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced she’d be joining Fox News ‘Fox & Friends’, and Joy Behar said she’d be leaving later this summer. What’s more, The View’s co-creater, and TV legend, Baba Wawa, is retiring next May.

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As for McCarthy, 40, the likable media personality, actress, mom, and host of last year’s low rated “Jenny McCarthy Show” on VH1, has appeared on “The View” 17 times, eight times acting as co-host. Known for her honest views, bombshell  looks and comedic chops, McCarthy will join Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, and Barbara full-time starting September 9. No word whether the show is looking for a fifth member.

We think Jenny seems like a solid choice, though we still kinda think of her as the goofy-hot host of MTV’s mid-’90s dating show “Singled Out.

Do you think Jenny is a good choice to co-host “The View?” Let us know!