Jenny Lewis + Elvis Costello = Boiling (Young) Blood


Jenny Lewis. You and I have a very tumultuous, love/hate relationship. I love you and the new direction you took Rilo Kiley. I hate that my ex-boyfriend totally found you more adorably attractive (with just cause) than I. I love that you’re the female lead singer in an all male band. I hate that you’re the female lead singer in an all male band.

Well Jenny, you don’t know it but we’re in a fight. A really big fight in which my only argument is pouting, crossing my arms and stomping my foot. Why am I so jealous? Jenny Lewis sang a duet with Elvis Costello (ELVIS COSTELLO!) three times. Jenny, you are one lucky and talented *cough* rhymes with, “witch” *cough.*

At the Edison Ballroom, Elvis Costello celebrated the series debut of his Sundance Chanel series, “Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…” The television series will feature Elvis Costello in a musical forum opposite fellow influencers and musicians such as Smokey Robinson, The Police and Sir Elton John. The show is set to premier December 3rd and run as a 13-week series.

Last night’s Edison Ballroom show and party was attended by Steve Buscemi and of course Jenny Lewis whose her surprise performance alongside Costello himself was the evening’s highlight. Of course Jenny Lewis and her bangs looked as always amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed how Lewis and Costello matched with their fedoras and neck scarves. Naturally each was tailored to their respective realms with rock Costello donning a navy scarf with red skulls and indie Lewis in a brown bandana. Their fedora’s however were interchangeable.

Damnit Jenny, I thought we could be friends but then you just had to reiterate how amazingly cool you are with your music and your Elvis Costello duets…

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