Stalker Takes Week-Long Vacation at Jennifer Lopez’s $10 Million Hamptons Spread (and Facebooks About It)

Spencer Cain

jennifer lopez buys in the hamptons 1 Stalker Takes Week Long Vacation at Jennifer Lopezs $10 Million Hamptons Spread (and Facebooks About It)
The trouble with being rich and famous is that it’s very easy to attract hanger-ons, who do nothing with their life but feed off your success. You can also run into a more dangerous form of that toxic friend: The stalker. Such is the case for Jennifer Lopez, the 44-year-old singer and actress who’s experienced a major career resurgence in recent years and make boatloads of cash as a result.
A few months ago, J. Lo splashed out $10 million on a Hamptons house in swanky Water Mill. The massive pad has attracted a ton of media attention, and in turn, a home invader. Earlier this month, a 49-year-old stalker named John Dubis pulled in, parked his car, and entered her pool house. He proceeded to stay for six days, and even uploaded photographs to his Facebook page.
Even though Lopez employs a full-time security team, somehow they missed their unwanted houseguest. He’s since been charged with burglary and stalking, as Jenny From the Block already had an order of protection against him.
This isn’t the first time a crazed fan has gotten too comfortable in a celebrity’s beachside pad. In fact, J. Lo’s ex, Diddy, the owner of a mansion in East Hampton, had a man move in, clean out his liquor cabinet, stay for a few days, and bounce. He was also found guilty.
The lesson here is that no matter how desperate you for some beach time, it’s better to stay at the Super 8 Motel on the highway than break into someone with tons of security’s home—even if it seems like you might get away with it for a bit.
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