We Just Caught Secondhand Glow from JLo & Shakira’s Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez & Shakira
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Ever since it was confirmed that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl 2020 Halftime show performance was really happening, we’ve wondered what these lady legends had planned for the big day. Both women are superstars in their own right—J-Lo, 50, is no stranger to nailing extravagant dance numbers during her Vegas residency, whereas Shakira, 42, is a beloved crossover star in the States and a mainstay throughout the Americas. Now, they’ve made history.

With Jennifer’s Boricua roots and Shakira’s Colombian identity, Super Bowl LIV marks the very first time that two Latina artists headline the halftime show. It’s a big moment for both artists—and for audiences tuning in from around the world.

Ahead of their knockout performance, both Shakira and Jennifer also stressed how important it was that this year’s halftime show act as a unifying force for viewers. “The creative process is really intense when it comes to a show of this magnitude, but we worked together to make this the best show possible,” Jennifer shared in Spanish at a press conference this week. “I also think that sports and music are the two things that can join people together in any part of the world, and we have that opportunity this Sunday, and we are going to do our best,” she added. And boy, did they.


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It wasn’t always something that both artists were sure they could achieve, but holding tight to their dreams made the night possible. Reflecting on her earlier years in the industry, Shakira explained, “It would be something hard to believe and it’s a reality today and I just think that this is a palpable example that it’s possible and that the only thing that matters is the size of your dreams.”

While the Barranquilla-born artist has seen the world at this point in her career, she also noted that moments like this are especially important for the Latinx community: “It’s an opportunity to remind us all of what an important force we are,” she said.