Jennifer Lopez Didn’t Get Paid A Single Cent To Star In And Produce ‘Hustlers’

Kim Wong-Shing
Jennifer Lopez
Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s been two months and five days since Hustlers came out, and the world hasn’t been the same since. Jennifer Lopez was a major part of the movie’s success (hi, did you SEE her pole dancing to Fiona Apple in the movie?!) — and apparently, she did it purely for the art, not for the money. Jennifer Lopez’s salary for Hustlers is honestly shocking. Because, well, it’s $0.

Lopez stars in Hustlers as the unforgettable character of Ramona, the bonafide queen of a New York City strip club. She worked alongside a crew of powerful women to make the all-female crime movie, including co-stars Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, and Cardi B. Lopez is also a producer on the film through her company Nuyorican Productions. But surprisingly, she didn’t charge a single cent upfront for her work on the film. She revealed her lack of payment for the project during a new interview with GQ. “I didn’t get paid a whole bunch of money for Hustlers,” she confessed. “I did it for free and produced it. Like Jenny From the Block—I do what I love.”

Can you say icon?! Lopez added that the huge success of the movie came from its feminist integrity. “It became a movement,” she said. “This is our movie, where we run shit. They know it’s all women producers, woman director, woman writer, all women starring in it. We’ve been watching men take advantage of women in movies for a long time, so it was a fun ride to see the tables turned.” The movie ended up grossing approximately $33.2 million on its opening weekend, so J.Lo definitely ended up making money from the film.

It took J.Lo just 29 days to film the project, even though she had to learn how to pole dance just for this movie. At 50 years old. Casual. But just because she did it for free, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have limits! Lopez previously revealed that she postponed filming so she could focus on her kids and husband.

Generosity, integrity, and healthy boundaries? We have no choice but to stan.