Wait—Are Jennifer Lopez and Drake Actually Dating?

Drake really likes to drum up some are-they-or-aren’t-they when it comes to his love life. People speculated for many moons about his relationship with Rihanna (finally confirmed, only to end shortly thereafter); then he trolled the tabloids by posting a pic of himself with Taylor Swift on Instagram as dating rumors flew (not confirmed, and clearly untrue).

Now there’s a new contender in Drake’s romance corner: Jennifer Lopez. It all began when Drake hit J.Lo’s Vegas show a couple of weeks ago—and posted a shot of himself with the songstress on Instagram, captioned with a heart-eyes emoji. Then he threw what E! News terms a “very intimate dinner” at L.A. hotspot Delilah, which Lopez attended.

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But before you jump to conclusions, hold up: “Jennifer and Drake are working on new music together,” an insider told E! News. The same was said of Swift and Drake a couple of months ago, and indeed it seems that they were merely hanging to make music, though they definitely had a little fun teasing the paparazzi.

TBD re: J.Lo and Drake. Drizzy also posted a shot of himself holding Lopez’s fancy b-ball cap in Vegas—”Sure I’ll hold your diamond encrusted fitted while you catch this Vegas body #Jenny 🌺,” he wrote—and they were caught by paps leaving together in a car with tinted windows earlier this week after the Delilah soiree.

Also, TMZ included this hilarious tidbit about the pair: “One source, who should know, says so far it’s not what you would assume but it’s pretty clearly going in that direction.” There you go. Clearly dating.

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