Justice For J.Lo’s Boobs at the American Music Awards!!!

Bella Gerard
Justice For J.Lo’s Boobs at the American Music Awards!!!
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

I’d love to start off my AMAs coverage by raving about Olivia Rodrigo in David Koma, Halle Bailey in LaQuan Smith or Cardi B in everything from Jean Paul Gaultier to Alexandre Vauthier, but instead, I’m here to talk about Jennifer Lopez’s boobs. And not just to talk about them—to advocate for them! Because they, like J.Lo, deserved better.

Now, before I get started, let me begin by fawning over Jennifer Lopez, because I mean her no harm. In fact, I’m arguing in favor of this beautiful, talented, kind-hearted woman! Lopez is amazing, and as a seasoned performer for decades now, shes’s wowed us in many incredible on-stage ensembles. Need I remind you of her Super Bowl slay? That said, this time around her stylists really missed the mark.

I admit, I didn’t watch the American Music Awards live this year. I was busy, sue me! But always eager to check out the red carpet hits and misses, I turned to social media for my fix—and one of my favorite accounts, @CheckTheTag, really delivered. I full-on gasped when I saw the photos they posted of J.Lo in her Dolce & Gabbana dress. And not in a good way!

After I calmed down, I headed over to Lopez’s official YouTube page to watch her full performance.

Singing “On My Way” from the film Marry Me (or lip-synching it, as much of Twitter is convinced), Lopez started out with a black coat over her pale pink tulle skirt, which she removed to reveal a fitted tulle bodice, accessorized with a bold headpiece. The look, styled by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, was created by Dolce & Gabbana, a notoriously problematic brand. For the most part, though, they design beautiful, well-fitting garments in spite of their drama—but apparently, they had something different planned for J.Lo.

The bust of this dress…simply does not fit her at all. How did Zangardi and Haenn let this happen?! AMAs viewers could clearly see the underwire cups of the corset sitting inches above Lopez’s breasts. Not only did it look bad, it looked uncomfortable! Any larger-chested female like myself knows this type of bodice is the enemy. But with a full styling team and a luxury brand behind the look? There’s no excuse for why it wasn’t perfectly-fitted to her frame.

At the very least, they could’ve went for the classic Scoop & Swoop and hoisted her boobs up into the cups. Ample cleavage and some boob tape would’ve been an acceptable compromise!


Courtesy of ABC.

Again, no shaming J.Lo here. Her body is perfect (as all bodies are!) and this is simply a styling snafu. But a major one! I can’t figure out how this look got approved when her performance attire is usually so on point. I’ve grown so accustomed to seeing her in bedazzled bodysuits, I had no idea a tulle gown could be so disastrous.

In a time when society is slowly learning to embrace all bodies, I’d argue that this is more than just an ill-fitting garment. If one of the biggest stars in the world can’t get a brand to alter their idea of what looks good to fit her figure, how can the rest of us expect options for ourselves? D&G most definitely could’ve created a larger underwire frame for the bust of this dress to suit J.Lo’s curves. Or, her stylists could’ve simply chosen any other look. Like, any other look!

It doesn’t make sense, which is why I’m demanding justice for J.Lo’s boobs. And J.Lo, if you see this, I still think you looked amazing, sweetie. You can do no wrong, even if your team is serving up borderline sabotage!

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