Jennifer Lopez’s Ass Cannot Be Contained in This New Pic

Jennifer Lopez’s Ass Cannot Be Contained in This New Pic
Photo: Getty

We’ve seen a lot of Jennifer Lopez’s ass. We’ve seen it twerk and go viral in a video from iHeartRadio’s Fiesta Latina. We’ve seen it in a black thong bodysuit, live from J.Lo’s very cushy-looking bed. We have definitely seen it star in her music video “Booty” with Iggy Azalea. (Fun fact: They played this music video on the video screens at my spinning studio a few weeks ago, and I discovered it is the perfect thing to watch while pedaling your ass off.)

And now, we’re seeing it in a whole new light. Presenting, Jennifer Lopez’s ass, which has either grown to Kim Kardashian levels or this is just a really good angle.

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I mean, damn.

Last we checked, Lopez’s posterior was definitely … popping, as evidenced by the video below. But we’re guessing she must have been flexing pretty hard in the above pic—or, who knows, maybe Drake is an ass man and Lopez has been hitting the gym hard of late. JK, JK. Everyone knows that’s a fake relationship. But Lopez’s ass seems pretty real.

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