Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez’s Wedding Plans Are Coming Along—Sort Of

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez
Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

They had one of the most romantic proposals we’ve seen in a long time. But Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have a wedding update that explains why the couple is taking their time when it comes to planning the nuptials. The couple were together nearly two years before Rodriguez popped the question back in March 2019. They took time to get to know one another and their individual families before taking the next step. Now that the ring is on JLo’s finger, fans are wondering how long the newly engaged couple is planning to go before tying the knot. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, the “On The Floor” singer explained that she and her fiancé are not in a rush to the altar.

When asked how wedding planning was going, JLo replied, “It’s going good. I think we have a pretty busy year ahead of us, so you know, we are [taking it slow].” She went on to emphasize that they know they have the rest of their lives together, so they want to do it right, and have time to plan the ceremony.

“There’s no rush,” she added. “We really see this as something that’s gonna be forever, and we’re gonna just take our time and do it right. And do it not rushed.” That said, just because there’s no rush doesn’t mean JLo isn’t delighting in all things wedding-related. She admitted she’s been “looking at everything,” from wedding dresses to venues to cake! But she added that she looks “only when [she has] time. Most of the time, [she’s] working.” That’s understandable. But we don’t blame her for being excited.

And we already know their wedding will be fire. Just LOOK at how photogenic this couple is:

This actually should be illegal.

And they’re family oriented, too. So sweet.

Lopez has a busy summer ahead of her. She just finished filming her new movie, Hustlers, with Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart. Now, she’s gearing up to start her It’s My Party tour, which opens in Inglewood, CA on January 7th.

“It’s going to be a concert tour, but my aim is to make it feel like an intimate party as well,” she said. “We’re all celebrating together. We’re dancing, we’re singing, we’re having a good time. I want to create a different atmosphere than normal just watch me do my thing. I want it to be interactive.”