Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Love Going to Strip Clubs & We Live For It

Aramide Tinubu
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Photo: Shuttershock.

Name a more legendary couple than J.Lo and A-Rod–don’t worry, we’ll wait. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez adore strip clubs, so we have yet another reason to be obsessed with them. To be clear, the newly engaged couple doesn’t go to strip clubs to keep things spicy in their relationship (we’re pretty sure they don’t need any more steam in that department). Instead, Lopez and Rodriguez began frequenting the late night hot spots when the Selena actress was researching her forthcoming role in the movie, Hustlers.

Rodriguez revealed their “research” dates during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. The former New York Yankee got candid about making it rain on dancers with his lady saying, “I was out in L.A. She’s in New York. She says, ‘Baby, I’m going to the strip club.’ I said, ‘WHOA!! I’ll be there on Thursday. We can go Thursday and Friday. I mean, it’s part of due diligence, right?” Apparently, ever the professional — Lopez is super serious about mastering her role as Ramona in Hustlers. After all, she’s starring opposite Cardi B who actually was a stripper at one point in her life.

A-Rod explained, “She read and read and read [about strippers] … I said, ‘Baby, stop reading and just ask me. I got the info!'” Though we’re sure there was some dancing involved (which J.Lo clearly won’t have any issues with on the big screen)–apparently the gorgeous couple paid the dancers THOUSANDS to talk to them.  Rodriguez revealed, “We sat down with the girls, and we literally just interrogate them, ask them questions. Then, we would hit ’em up with $400 or $500 or $600. We weren’t there for dancing, we were literally there for work.”

Since we’ve already seen a snap of Lopez slaying as Ramono–we’re going to guess that all of this thorough research was well worth the time and effort. Hustlers is set to drop Sept. 13, 2019–and follows a group of savvy former strip club employees who all come together to plot against their Wall Street clients. The movie’s entire plot is based on a New York Magazine article.

As of right now, the couple doesn’t have any solid wedding plans since they are focused on their respective careers. During a recent interview, the On the 6 songstress explained, “He knows I’m a serious actor. He sees the bravery in what I’m doing [for Hustlers].”

We just live for these two, and we cannot wait for this upcoming wedding.