Jennifer Lawrence Was Once Told to Lose 15 Lbs in 2 Weeks for a Film Role

Jennifer Lawrence Was Once Told to Lose 15 Lbs in 2 Weeks for a Film Role
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Jennifer Lawrence is the latest actress speaking out against sexist and unrealistic standards for women in Hollywood. On Monday night, the 27-year-old actress spoke at Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles, where she told a harrowing story of being told to lose 15 pounds in two weeks for a movie role.

In her speech, Lawrence explained that she was told by the film’s producers to shed the weight, lest be fired. She went on to reveal that the actress before her was cut from the role because she didn’t slim down quick enough. “When I was much younger and starting out, I was told by producers of a film to lose 15 pounds in two weeks,” Lawrence said, according to People.

To inspire her to lose weight, Lawrence said a female producer told her to strip down completely and stand with in a line with five other women who were “much, much thinner” than she was.

“During this time a female producer had me do a nude line-up with about five women who were much, much, thinner than me. We are stood side-by-side with only tape on covering our privates,” Lawrence said. “After that degrading and humiliating line-up, the female producer told me I should use the naked photos of myself as inspiration for my diet.”

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When the “mother!” actress tried complaining about the experience, she said she was met with sexual harassment from another producer who deemed her as “fuckable.” “He said he didn’t know why everyone thought I was so fat, he thought I was ‘perfectly fuckable,’” Lawrence said.

As for why she hasn’t spoken about the ordeal until now, Lawrence said that she felt “trapped” and worried that her career would suffer if she complained further. In her many years since the experience, Lawrence said she’s learned to stand up for herself and against sexual harassment.

“I let myself be treated a certain way because I felt I had to for my career,” she said. “I’m still learning that I don’t have to smile when a man makes me uncomfortable. Every human being should have the power to be treated with respect because they’re human.”

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Lawrence’s speech comes a week after she publicly denounced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein amid dozens of allegations from women, including Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who accused the filmmaker of sexual harassment and assault.

“I was deeply disturbed to hear the news about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior,” Lawrence said in a statement. “I worked with Harvey five years ago and I did not experience any form of harassment personally, nor did I know about any of these allegations. This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting.”


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