Jennifer Lawrence to Play Fidel Castro’s Lover in a Buzzy New Movie

jennifer lawrence fidel castro Jennifer Lawrence to Play Fidel Castros Lover in a Buzzy New Movie

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Get ready, J-Law fans: Jennifer Lawrence just landed a gig playing the lover of Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Lawrence is about to tackle the role of Marita Lorenz in “Marita,” a new film from Eric Warren Singer, one of the writers behind “American Hustle.”

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Basically, the story will follow the fascinating, real-life love affair between Lorenz and Castro, which began in 1959 when she was just 19 years old. The couple lived together before Lorenz left Cuba to join the anti-communist movement in the U.S. In 1960 she was hired by the CIA for an assassination mission and went back to Cuba to carry it out—but the story goes that she instead chose love. Oh, and Lorenz also had an affair with a Venezuelan dictator and was an FBI agent during the 1970s—what a woman.

Sony Pictures picked up the film and is working with a dream team to make it happen, including producers Matt Tolmach and Scott Mednick, whom you might remember produced “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Superman Returns,” respectively.

Early reports suggest we can expect the film to be released in late 2017.