A Rare Paparazzi Photo Shows How Jennifer Lawrence Dresses In Real Life

Meghan Blalock

Here’s something you may not know about Jennifer Lawrence, or possibly just never noticed: the “Hunger Games” star (and Oscar winner) is rarely ever captured out and about in her natural habitat. While we feel confident that she goes grocery shopping, gets iced coffees at Starbucks, and does other fairly mundane tasks just like the rest of Hollywood, for some reason paparazzi are rarely able to spot her in their lenses. Until now!

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Much to our delight, Lawrence was spotted yesterday out in New York City, going on a little shopping trip with a couple of girlfriends. Normally, this wouldn’t be  particularly noteworthy at all, were it not for the fact that we’ve probably never seen Lawrence out on a shopping trip with her girlfriends. While someone like Kim Kardashian actively calls the paps on her sometimes when she steps out (or so we’ve heard), J. Law seems to make an active effort to avoid them.

The intriguing photograph isn’t even all that exciting—J. Law is wearing a normal outfit of skinny jeans, a nude jacket, a crossbody bag, and sunnies—but there is one noteworthy element: her fuchsia smoking slippers. J. Law always struck us as a more loafers or Sperry topsider kind of gal (lest we forget, she once wore flip-flops on the red carpet, guys)—so seeing her rock a pair of patterned velvet shoes is quite the delight.

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Check out the picture of J.Law out and about below!

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