The Hilarious Way Jennifer Lawrence Hid a Pizza Stain on Her Red Carpet Dress

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo: Getty Images

In case you didn’t know, Jennifer Lawrence loves pizza. The 27-year-old’s pizza obsession has been documented in hundreds, if not thousands, of GIFs, and not a late-night interview goes by that she doesn’t sing the praises of pepperoni. But the actress’s recent pizza interaction, in which she wore a pizza-stained dress on a red carpet and hilariously tried to cover it up, definitely takes the cake. (Or should we say pie?)

On Sunday, “The Hunger Games” returned to her home state of Kentucky, where she walked the red carpet at the opening night of Derby Week at Louisville’s Churchill Downs. On the carpet, Lawrence turned heads in a silk Dolce & Gabbana dress and an orange clutch. To the naked eye, Lawrence’s dress wasn’t different from any other red carpet looks she has worn in the past. But to the actress’s entourage, the look was intricately put together to hide a huge pizza stain smack-dab on Lawrence’s thigh.


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According to a source for Page Six, Lawrence accidentally left her Derby Week dress in New York City, and had to have it flown in on a private plane. When it arrived, Lawrence and her team discovered that there was a very-obvious pizza stain, which is when she devised another plan.

“She actually forgot the Dolce & Gabbana dress that she was going to wear for the opening of Derby Week at Churchill Downs in New York City,” the source told Page Six. “She had to have her dress flown down via private jet, just to learn it had a pizza stain on it!”

To hide the stain from the paparazzi, Lawrence used her orange clutch, which she held close to her bottom left thigh area to not show any of the pizza grease. The plan would’ve worked masterfully, if Lawrence didn’t hint that something was up by laughing her way down the red carpet. “[She] did her best to conceal her pizza stain with her clutch the whole evening, but laughed about it as she walked the orange carpet,” the source said.

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In the end, Lawrence’s plan worked out, as all we could see was her clutch glued to her thigh and not even a smudge of pizza grease. We hope Lawrence celebrated her success by eating more pizza, preferably in the same dress.