15 Reasons Why We Think Jennifer Lawrence Looks Totally Different in Every Photo

Meghan Blalock

Ah, Jennifer Lawrence. American’s sweetheart du jour is well-known and just as widely loved (or, in some circles, loathed) for her “I’m totally normal, guys!” approach to how she is represented in the media. Known for flipping off cameras, cursing during live broadcasts, and getting drunk during sit-down interviews with chic publications like Vogue, Lawrence just wants us all to know how real she is, y’all. Except, of course, when it comes to her face.

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The 23-year-old, Oscar-winning actress known affectionately as “J. Law” might keep it real when she opens her mouth (or so she loves to claim), but when it comes to photo shoots, her best friend is Photoshop. And she will admit as much: when she first saw her Dior ads on the Oscars red carpet last year, she remarked, “That doesn’t look like me at all. I love Photoshop more than anything in the world. People don’t look like that.”

And with her most recent debut, on the cover of InStyle’s December issue, Lawrence really had us raising our eyebrows. Once again, the star looks completely different than in any of her previous iterations.

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Which begs the question: Who is the real Jennifer Lawrence? We have no fewer than 12 guesses as to what the star’s face actually looks like. Take a peek below.

Perhaps December’s InStyle cover girl Jennifer Lawrence is the real one?


Or maybe the chic gamine inside InStyle, with green eyes and irrecognizable facial features?

jennifer lawrence instyle

Or perhaps it’s the retro-looking Jennifer Lawrence who appeared on the cover of Vogue this September?

jennifer lawrence vogue cover

Or maybe she’s the preppy woman who appeared on the inside of Vogue’s pages?

jennifer lawrence vogue

Or perhaps it’s the thin, pared-down girl in the Dior ads.

jennifer lawrence dior 4

jennifer lawrence dior 1

jennifer lawrence dior 2

jennifer lawrence dior 3

jennifer lawrence dior 5

jennifer lawrence dior 6

jennifer lawrence dior 7

Or maybe Interview magazine’s edgy Jennifer Lawrence is the real lady in question.

jennifer lawrence interview 2

Or, just maybe, it’s the Bardot-esque Vanity Fair J. Law.

jennifer lawrence vanity fair

Or perhaps it’s the Vanity Fair all-American cover girl, from the very same photo shoot.

jennifer-lawrence vanity fair 2

So, which J. Law do you think is the real one? Sound off below!