Jennifer Hudson Tells Us About Her Weight Loss Career Perk

Spencer Cain

It’s very clear that Jennifer Hudson is an amazing walking billboard for Weight Watchers. After losing an astounding 80 pounds on the program, she’s down to a weight she’s comfortable with and absolutely loving the results.Needless to say, she’s having a blast exploring the fashions she wasn’t able to wear before. (Though we still think she looked great either way.)

Prior to losing weight, Jennifer hated heels, but now she can’t get enough of them. This was clear at an event in NYC last night to celebrate her cover for Good Housekeeping and her book,I Got This: How I Changed My Ways And Lost What Weighed Me Down. The Oscar winner was wearing some sick Giuseppe Zanotti wedges (that looked more like skyscrapers than shoes) and didn’t even break a sweat.

But aside from the obvious physical benefits of getting in shape, Jennifer’s slim down has also impacted her singing career in a major way. “As far as my voice is concerned, I was with one of my musicians who worked with me during Dreamgirls recently,” she told us. “I played him some music and he said ‘Is that from a few months ago? I can tell!’ I said, ‘How could you tell?’ and he said, ‘Your voice is so much clearer, and so much stronger.’ Back around Dreamgirls, it did not have the clarity it does today.”

It’s hard to imagine the former American Idol contestant having a stronger voice than she did previously, but we guess anything is possible. Major props to JHud for stepping it up and making the most of a healthy lifestyle change.