Jennifer Hudson on Her Clothing Line, Love of Rick Owens & More

Spencer Cain

jennifer hudson image2 Jennifer Hudson on Her Clothing Line, Love of Rick Owens & MoreThe name Jennifer Hudson has been synonymous with raw vocal talent for years now, thanks to her success on American Idol, which was followed by a slew of hit songs and even an Oscar for the film Dreamgirls. But now Jennifer’s turning over a new leaf — as a fashion designer! Jennifer, who famously lost over 80 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers, is teaming up with QVC for a clothing line to be released in September. We caught up with the star at the New Museum in New York City and got a sneak peek of the fashion-forward line. Read below to see what Jennifer had to say, and check out the picture above for a look at one of the chic dresses.

StyleCaster: Tell me a little bit about your inspiration and what other designers inspired you?

Jennifer Hudson: Definitely Michael Kors and Rick Owens. I love Rick Owens — and also Givenchy. Those are my favorites. I chose Rick Owens because his pieces are so comfortable yet so fashionable at the same time. I own a Rick Owens coat, and walk around my house with it, but it’s even in my music video! You know what I mean? It’s that cozy! I wanted to focus on comfort but being cute at the same time. And I chose Michael Kors because I feel he dresses the real woman — his designs hit every curve.

SC: Are there any people in particular that you’d like to see in your clothes on the red carpet?  

JH: I want to see everybody in my clothes! That’s the dream, you know? So we have to wait and see. But in mind, I had everyone in mind. Nobody’s exempt — no size is exempt. It’s about everyone.

SC: I love your nail polish! Do you have a particular beauty regimen? 

JH: As you can see, right now I’m into bright and fun colors because they represent youth and happiness to me. Bright colors catch my eye. They represent summer. My must-have is that I have to have my eyebrows every day! As far as accenting things, I like to accent my eyes. You have to find that one thing you love about yourself. If people ask, “What’s your favorite body part?” I like my eyes, and I always like to make sure they are very present.

SC: I know you get this a lot, but you look amazing! Is there anything you’re doing in particular these days that’s different? What’s your workout routine?

JH: I’ve been doing more lately. I’m not a water drinker, but I’ve been trying to drink more water to take care of my skin. As far as working out, I’m not a workout fanatic, but I do track my points. I do believe in staying active, and I do consider shopping a workout! So, any kind of activity is a workout, just making sure I’m taking the steps instead of the elevator. If I can walk to the store, why not walk to the store instead of driving? Things like that, especially when I’m extremely busy — just staying active.

SC: What’s your favorite splurge item right now?

JH: Every day, I call whatever I buy a key piece. Right now, my thing are shirts that have expressions on them. That’s what I’m super into at the moment. As a celebrity, a lot of times we can’t say what we want to say — so I like to wear shirts that say it for me. That way I can’t get into any trouble!