Jen Aniston Wins Again: The Star is Named Best Road Trip Buddy

Spencer Cain

 Jen Aniston Wins Again: The Star is Named Best Road Trip BuddyWhile she may no longer be Mrs. Brad Pitt, the undisputed queen of the rom-com (she should probably patent that phrase…) Jennifer Aniston has a lot going on right now. First, there’s her hunky boyfriend Justin Theroux (who may be a little more than just her boyfriend since they just came back from Europe together and she was spotted in a diamond sparkler), then there’s her always-on-point airport style — and now, the biggest honor of all: She has been named number one on the “Ideal Road Trip Partners” list according to a UK poll.

The rest of the list includes celebrities like Simon Pegg, Jim Carrey, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise — all of whom we feel would make incredibly strange buddies on a long road trip. Frankly, Jennifer just seems like the perfect addition to an arduous trip. We can just imagine her flipping her signature locks and laughing like a hyena in the same way we see her do as Rachel Green on Friends almost nightly, thanks to syndication.

In all honesty, though: What a weird poll. The British truly have all of their priorities in place. “Whether they’re on the run, on a buddy trip or a wild adventure, all of these names would definitely deliver a trip to remember,” Jade Tan, the woman behind the poll, stated. She’s probably right about that. It would only be minutes before we’d be crying into our McDonald’s breakfast and chanting “TEAM JEN!”

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